Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine

My life is made better by these two. Starting my morning to the sound of his laughter and going to sleep to the sound of her voice gently singing to him it doesn't really matter what the day was like in between. I'm humbled beyond words and any attempt to express or describe my gratitude for this life would fall short.
What more is there to want?
All I can hope is that anyone who comes across this should find something as beautiful for their own life.


jamiedeurmeierphotos said...

Thanks baby. :) I love you too. Happy Valentines Day. You make every day beautiful.

alogos said...

Beauty, like wisdom, love, knowledge and faith, is one of those things that doesn't diminish when shared - it just multiplies so that all who share it come away satisfied.

So thanks for sharing.

The world is always in need of beautiful things being shared freely.
Even if it is only a sentiment, a word or a picture.

d3cheeks22 said...

Congrats Erik, there are both very beautiful. You are a lucky man

Ysabelle said...

Your so blessed to have this sweet family!


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