Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Coming Back

Well, people, I am officially back from vacation, back from my comic hiatus, back from laziness and procrastination.  With today's arrival of our new scanner comic making should be a lot smoother and a lot more consistent. So for the sake of starting back up again with any ol' thing here is a page from my journal that I sketched on the plane coming home.

I was ecstatic that we had as much room as we had on the relatively short flight from Naples to Munich.  I will forever be a fan of the German way of flying.  The other guy below was an American from Vegas we met in line in Naples, getting ready to check in for our flight. He had already checked in with Alitalia airline and thought he was line for security. (still don't have any idea how he could have mistaken the check-in for the security) He was already a borderline brusque fellow but he stopped holding back when he realized he'd wasted a good 45 minutes talking to us in line for Lufthansa.

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Micaiah Riley said...

that man looks and sounds like many of my relatives...hmmm were there any connecting flights to alabama at the time?